Happy Birthday Mayita!

One LoCo Mommy

So right before Easter, Mayita turned three years old.

It is clearly evident that the “Terrible Threes” will easily be worse than those “Terrible Twos” that others talk about. The diva-tastical behavior has reached new levels in the past few weeks. Most times, it’s amusing because we know that this is neurotypical behavior for her. At this age, we were going through the process to transition B into Part B services (Childfind) and already has his diagnosis…so, it’s different.

I hate to compare my children on this level, but Mayita is much more communicative at this stage. She not only watches B but also has developed in her own right. AND she is pretty much potty trained now. She still has a diaper at night and may poop the pants but if you struggled with potty training, you know it is like night and day.

Anyway, we spent her birthday at…

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