Never Say Never

Autism Mommy-Therapist


Justin wanted badly to play a new computer game, my boy.  He grabbed my hand with all the strength his eleven-year-old self could muster and propelled me to the computer, a look of unparalled joy on his face.  I sit down next to him desperately hoping I’d remember how to log-in, as my husband had showed us only once the night before.  I watch as Justin settles into his seat, glances at me briefly as he maneuvers the mouse to google, then types in the word “jumpstart.”

Yup, my mostly non-vocal, severely autistic child just found google and typed the word “jumpstart,” and completely independently at that.

I watch in wonder as his smile broadens and he glances back at me, triumphant, grabbing my hand to help him play.  He maneuvers the game like an old pro, amassing gems, earning points, achieving victory.  I hold his hand a moment longer…

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