Sorry. We Hire Only Autistic People.

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Suitability of autistic people for specific jobs in IT sector heralds a new trend as it turns their disability into an advantage.


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Consider an ad for a position in a hi-tech global company specifying that people with autistic tendencies will be preferred. An article in the Sloan Management Review, The Dandelion Principle: Redesigning Work for the Innovation Economy, is about the German Software firm, SAP AG hiring autistic workers and taking their numbers up to one per cent of the company workforce by 2020.

For long, autistic people have been stigmatized due to their social ineptness arising from their inability to communicate clearly and repetitive behaviour. On one hand, a minority opinion considers autism to be seen as a different way of being, on the other, majority views autism as a disease to be cured. Concurrently, the movies, T.V. shows and the print media have done their bit…

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