Dynamics in Environment Causes Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


Are you worried of your children’s spectrum disorders? Have you ever thought that the environmental factors are responsible for such chaos? Environmental factors comprise of internal and external surroundings before and after the birth of a child.

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Initially approximately 1 percent of kids in the US population were affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD). But in recent years, many countries are facing autism disorders and this syndrome has risen sharply among children’s but the cause for such turmoil is undiscovered till today. There is vague awareness in the countries, and as of now what is known is that this is prompted by something in the environment. Alleging environment for autism is still debatable. Maternal infections during pregnancy can increases the risk and it is strongly associated with birth defects. Controversies surround a mixture of environmental causes including exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, and exposure to toxins or childhood vaccines.

Andrey Rzhetsky and colleagues at the University of Chicago examined US health insurance claims including over 100 million patient records – a one-third of the population – engaged from 2003 to 2010. They used samples of genital malformations in newborn boys as a surrogate of parents’ exposure to environmental risk factors and the research was based on linking these malformations with toxic elements present in the environment. The team compared the rates of these malformations to rates of ASD district to district. After altering for income, gender, socio-economic status and civilization, the evaluation for environmental effects was allied with an average increase of 283 percent cases of ASD.  Continue reading


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