Indian augmented image app gives kids with autism spectrum disorder a voice

INDIAN AUGMENTED IMAGE APP GIVES KIDS WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER A VOICEAvaz, a picture based iPad and android app, is India’s first augmented and alternative communication software. It’s helping children with autism spectrum disorders and verbal disabilities.

Children at a special needs school in the Indian capital, New Delhi, are looking forward to Jagdamba Gosain’s class. The teacher pulls out several iPads from a bag.

Many of the kids suffer from autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy and speech disabilities.

Gosain says Avaz, an app installed on the iPads, is helping the children communicate.

“It helps children who have a problem with speech but who can hear well. They are improving. And if children can have an iPad to themselves, all day, instead of having to share, it will go a very long way,” Gosain says.

Avaz uses picture symbols and high-quality voice synthesis to help users create messages and develop language skills.

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