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Tablet-Sized Teachers

Tablets are costly, but can open doors to new educational experiences.

Photo by Brad Flickinger/Flickr Creative Commons

By Gail Robinson | Slate

Eleven-year-old Matthew Votto sits at an iPad, his teacher at his elbow. She holds up a small laminated picture of a $20 bill.

“What money is this?” she asks. Matthew looks at the iPad, touches a square marked “Money Identification,” and then presses “$20.” “Twenty,” the tablet intones, while the teacher, Edwina Rogers, puts another sticker on a pad, bringing Matthew closer to a reward.

They race through more questions. “What day of the week is it?” “What is the weather outside?” “What money is this?” In most cases Matthew, who has autism, answers verbally, but he is quicker and seems more comfortable on the device.  Continue reading

Menlo Park lab offers women path to entrepreneurship

By Heather Somerville 

In an unassuming office building in Menlo Park, there’s a group of startup founders working feverishly to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams, and not one of them is a Stanford University dropout in his 20s.

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Menlo Park lab offers women path to entrepreneurship

You won’t find baby-faced coders hunched over MacBooks, empty ramen soup containers or kegs of beer. Instead, you will find moms and other women, most in their 40s and 50s, with backgrounds in fashion, music and law. Many have never worked in the tech industry or attempted a startup. Despite the odds stacked against them in the youth- and male-dominated Silicon Valley startup world, they are forging ahead.

“I have no fear,” said Jodi Murphy, 57, of San Mateo County, who joined the Women’s Startup Lab in February to build Geek Club Books, a storytelling app about children with autism. “Everything that I have done has led to this. Even though I am older, I literally leap out of bed every day, because this is my time for doing this.”  Continue reading